Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Is it January Already? That Was Fast…

Perhaps I meant “July”… No, no I didn’t. However, life can get messy. For instance, you can get booted from your apartment because your landlord of eight years turns out to be a terrible businessman and undervalues quiet, consistent renters… then you find yourself scrambling to move in the dead of winter (actually it was 76 degrees when we moved in March, thank you, global warming!) into a house that is still full, from basement to attic, with stuff from the prior resident… then you go into the process of buying said house, which Mandy handled with aplomb… then you suddenly end up with yet another cat (You’ll meet Bowser in another post)… add to that work, funerals and existential crises… and, well, January becomes July.

Anyway, on to the reboot. My first step is to be less verbose. Mostly for me. I am still battling the time crunch, so spending hours talking about my art rather than making art feels a bit ridiculous. On the bright side, that means you’ll get more images. And really, wouldn’t you rather spend 2 seconds looking at a scan of a painting than 5 minutes reading the random nonsense from my head?

So, here’s where things are:

I’m still knocking out the web comic on MWF. To find it, go to my website or look for thehauntingoftimothydecker on Instagram.

I’m still painting with acrylics. Yes, I’ve tried everything else, again, but only the acrylics allow me to complete images in a timely fashion. I’m still working on how to use the paintings and how to incorporate the writing with the paintings. I have an idea. I just need to explore it. Which is what I’m going to do.

During my sabbatical, this particular painting kept coming to mind. I painted it two years ago and it seems to hit all the key points: no color, high detail and loose brushy-ness, small, quickly done, kind of cool and weird… and on good quality paper. Admittedly, I added the dark sky just the other day, but it worked well enough without it. So, I’m going to see what I can do with black acrylic on white paper. I have a good feeling about it now that I have high quality paint and paper.

These two paintings, one is old and retouched, the other is a new experiment on a new paper, seem to express what I’m talking about.

And I’ll keep tapping away on toned paper with black and white acrylic because that works too. I don’t know where these paintings will work best, but that hardly matters.

Off to plan some cool projects.

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