Tuesday, August 15, 2017

8-15-17 This Holy Hill

Yeah, my internal painting machine is working just fine.

Here's a little portrait of one those places always in my heart. I am a Pennsylvania boy, you know. It's a safe bet there will be more than portrait of Gettysburg in the coming months and years.

As an aside, the Gettysburg of my childhood was full of trees. There was a great, man-made deforestation, an attempt to return the battlefield to its 1863 appearance. Consequentially, my memories no longer mesh with the reality of the place. Perhaps I'll add a few trees in future paintings. But this one had to be spot on. I wouldn't want any fools thinking I'd invented something. Not when I want the fools to remember that avarice, ignorance and bigotry got its collective ass handed to it on that holy hill.

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