Monday, August 14, 2017

The Reboot of the Daily Paintings...

Well... it'll be a reboot Monday through Friday. Well... I will be painting on the weekends, of course, creativity is a terminal disease, however, I will not be posting anything on the weekends because we all need a little time to ourselves.

So, the plan:

Post my web comic on Instagram and my website on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Unless I am away from my laptop and scanner, in which case, you'll just have to wait.

Post my daily paintings on Twitter and this blog on Monday through Friday. Unless I am away from my laptop and... you get the idea.

And then, do other creative things and get them out there through whatever channels are available to me.

If nothing else, there will be hundreds of more paintings to check out as the months roll along. And if I've learned anything in this five year long walk in the wilderness of Art, it's that making things is far better than talking about making things. It's better for you and it's a hell of a lot better for me.

So... nearly two years to the day when I started cranking out daily paintings (sorry for those months spent bemoaning my plight as an artist in an uncaring world)... I'm back with this little gem.

Considering the events of the past weekend and my belief that art is a great way to undermine the idiocy of enemies of freedom and progress, I give you "The White Supremacists' Think Tank". It's a lovely 8x10 inch acrylic painting on Canson paper and lacks irony, because nothing I ever do is ironic, because there's far more clarity when you call a spade a spade and move on. I'll let the pundits use irony and humor to batter evil. Meanwhile, I'll keep it simple: white supremacists have shit for brains.

And we go on... another painting tomorrow.

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